What is truth?
      What is truth? Truth as defined in the dictionary is the true or actual state of matter, or conformity with fact or reality. Truth is very important because it is one of the foundations of society and religious knowledge. Without it, how can anyone discern from right or wrong? The problem with truth in today’s world, is that everyone has their own opinion of truth. For example, some people do not see abortion or homosexuality as wrong, but others see it as very wrong. I personally believe truth to be what the Bible says.
      The view of truth depends on ones worldview. That is, does it come from a religious perspective or a secular perspective? If it comes from religion, then the issue becomes which religion? Most religions have some view of truth as their basis for right and wrong.   Those who are secular, agnostic or atheist, don’t really have any basis for truth. Everyone sees truth as something different. That is why it is hard for some people to figure out where they stand on certain issues because the do not have a basis for truth.   Our world today is so confused and so corrupt that people have forgotten the real truth or have ultimately just rejected the truth, which is Gods word.
      From a Christian perspective or worldview, Christians believe truth based on the Bible and what Gods word says to be true. Not only do we believe that there is only one way to heaven, but that the Bible provides the foundation for how we should live.     Some religions believe that there are many ways to heaven; however, Christians do not believe this.   Jesus said there is one way to God and that is through Him. Therefore, we do not believe all religions can be true. When Jesus was taken to Pilate before His crucifixion, Jesus said, “Everyone on the side of truth listens to me”.
      Truth is also very important for a society to exist.   Without truth in education, science, government, or business, very few things would get done right.   This is really...