Truth or Vanity

As he sit silently by the calm waters,memories of a past become like a hot arrow piercing his very soul.So many heartbreaks and memories of   those events has silently left scars on his soul and mine.Beau was a special kind of man never getting in a hurry for anything but accepting everything in its own plan.The lost of a love that can never be restored and the acceptance of a life that has caused him to be a better man.Molina was his heart and now because of his bad decisions he had to live a life away from her yet she was so near.Suddenly he was jolted back to reality by the sounds of the children as they play in the sands by the shore.
              Beau was born February 8 1963,and had truly   had seen his share of let downs and disappointments,in return it had gained him a sense of strength to overcome the wiles of the wicked.But it hadn’t always been that way.
              Beau could remember as a child his mom would always say ,son, always treat people the way you would want to be treated,but in a very corrupt   would that would be the very thing to cause his down fall.Was moms words a curse or a blessing.As a child he had to watch as his stepfather would abuse his mother mentally and physically,and being so small that was all he could do is watch in horror as his mother   just took those beatings and pray to God for deliverance.But where was this God that she was praying to.Beau could not understand seeing his mom go through so much pain and abuse just so she could maintain a place for him and his four sisters to be comfortable.Beau often thought of running away from home but in doing that would mean to be deserting his sisters and his mother and leaving them to the mercy of a demon sent straight from hell.How could the very God that she prayed to allow this evil to be a part of our lives.