Truman Capote: the Masked Vigilante

The essence of truth and falsehood embodies Truman Capote’s narrative “Music for Chameleons.”   In his own work, Capote takes on a dual identity, acting as a vigilante in his search for the truth.   Upon his visit to Madame’s house, Capote simultaneously hides the truth about his own sexual orientation and persistently searches for the truth about his lover’s brutal murder.   The author’s intentions are hypocritical in nature, demanding the truth while concealing truths about his personal life.   Capote’s vigilant behavior in pursuing the truth and his parallel secrecy are conveyed through the dialogue and the various symbols presented in “Music for Chameleons.”
The conversations that take place between Madame and Capote are very interrogative and rash in nature.   While Madame attempts to comfort Capote with drinks and small talk, he repeatedly retaliates with either negative or indifferent feedback.   As a vigilante, Capote remains true to two concepts, the truth about his lover, and the secrecy of his sexual identity.   While Madame calmly states “murder is a rare occurrence…we are…serious, but not violent” (Capote 6), Capote rebuttals by claiming, “Serious.   Yes.   The people in restaurants, on the streets, even on the beaches have such severe expressions.   They seem so preoccupied.   Like Russians” (6).   Whenever Capote chooses to bring up his lover’s death, Madame attempts to lean the conversation a different direction.   Shortly after talking about the author’s late lover, Madame says “But that was long ago…I understand you are staying at the new hotel…How do you find it?” (8).   Capote’s persistency in discussing his lover’s passing clearly reflects his ambitions for the truth.
While Madame continually attempts to sway Capote into relaxation and ease, the author retaliates harshly, even asserts that after ordering a lobster, “it was tasteless as chalk, and so tough to chew that I lost a filling…splendid to look at, but without flavor” (9).   Capote continues in his...