Description of How Staff Meetings Are Organized And Executed
School principals need to allocate more time dealing with conflict. Patsy E. Johnson claim that Principals who look for the sources of these conflicts determine by principal’s own interpersonal behaviors and leadership skills. There are about four important leadership variables related conflict such as response styles, problem solving, communicator styles, and bases of social power. There are about two dimensions namely concern for self and concern for others.Patsy claims that degree and consistency when concern for others will be best way princap could expertise when handling conflict management.   Principal will employ knowledge and skill gained to support only self-survival in the principalship, which will lead to personal and professional disappointment.

The school principal has the ultimate resonsibility and power to make changes and liable for the conflict outcome.Patsy E. Johnson under the   “Room 238” episode illustrated the conflict   with good justification by the drama coach to the principal. The academic manager and teachers usually could avoid any confrontation by understanding the issues of significance for both of them, which were compatible under most conditions, became fractious touching points resulting from decisions made by the principal.   The principal should lead and set the chain of events not into motion that led to the eventual emotional outbursts. The principal’s should aply avoidance behavior when dealing with the teachers’ notes regarding the issues brought up.   Principal, should improve the communication with the faculty, revealed plan to solve the problems created by the shortage of any issues arise. principal should pay attention and listen to the teachers point that the principal had the power to do something and to improve the current condition or any other short falls.
Principal should be able to demonstrate knowledge of interpersonal behavior and skills in management...