Stephanie Hunter
Professor Paul Skidmore
English Comp II
September 13, 2012

                                                                              Baby Boomers

    In the story "Ble Collar Boomers Take Work Ethic to College" written by Libby
Sander you will learn that older folks are returning to college.   Why you ask?   New
technology is one reason. Another is the strain of the job.   What does it mean for
an older person to go back to school?
    This article allows us to understand that no matter your age your never to old
to learn new things.   Going back to school for a new career is a growing trend for
older folks.   Sitting at home growing old is not what people want to do anymore.  
They want to work but, there is so much new technology now adays that going back
to school is the only way to stay up with the times.
    So now older people are opening doors to colleges to better themselves.
  Colleges have seen a trend with older people coming back to school and they are
making it easier for them. (pg.950,paragraph 6&7).
    I'm   37 years old I am not considered an old person but, I am older than most
college students.   I have decided to come back to school to further my education as
well as wanting to start a new profession.   It was a little scary for me at first, I
have not seen a classroom sine 1993.
    I remember my first day I kept asing myself, "If I was smart enough to be in
college with kids who had just graduated high school?"   Scary huh? Well come to
find out I still remember the basic things.   What made it easy for me was seeing I
was I was not the only oldest person on campus.
    I came back to school because I can no longer work in the field I was working.
  So to find a job to support my family I have to have new job skills.
    A professor of siciology and director Jan Abushakrah says that older people are
coming back to school to get a better job or a new skill in their current job.   They
are taking advantage of the...