Travel and Tourism Industry 2016 Market Insights, Share, Size and Trends


Amid growing market uncertainty, increasing costs, and rising competition, organizations within the travel and tourism industry are planning to increase focus on improving operational efficiency and sustainability initiatives, and expansion in the current market. Mergers and acquisitions are expected to increase within the travel and tourism industry with emerging markets such as China, India, and Russia offering prominent growth opportunities. As organizations intend to increase their use of technology, and concentrate on internal operating cost reductions in H1 2016, procurement activities will increase on IT services and MRO activities. Consequently, procurement expenditure for travel and tourism organizations is projected to increase by an average of 5.9% over the next six months. Additionally, 58% of travel and tourism industry executives expect supplier prices to increase in the next six months and over one-fifth of travel and tourism industry executives highlighted limited or generalized deployment of e-procurement within their organizations.

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Key Findings

- The majority of travel and tourism executives highlight improving operational efficiency and expansion in current market as key priorities for H1 2016

- The highest percentage of respondents expect the UK to provide significant growth opportunities during the next six months

- Globally, the highest percentage of executives expect an increase in merger and acquisition activity in H1 2016

- The majority of executives across small and medium-sized companies expect more capital expenditure on IT infrastructure development in the next six months

- In total, 32% of respondents expect the global procurement budget to remain within the US$250,000 range during H1 2016

- Overall, 22% of respondents indicated limited or...