Transportation Paper

Transportation Research Paper
By Charafa D Saliou
Ivy Tech Community College
February 2014

This paper is mainly focusing on the determination of best method of transportation logistic in a company. The goal of the exercise is to choose the appropriate means of transport of goods of choice, one that allows to route the optimal cost in the best conditions possible of the goods from one place to a shipping destination. The choice of appropriate means of transport will results from a comparative analysis of the characteristics of the goods and those of different modes of transport serving the areas of shipping and destination. We will consider the nature, the packaging, the quantities (size, dimensions…), and delivery time as well as transportation cost of the chosen merchandise in order to classify the modes according to their speed.
So, let’s say we have to ship auto parts packaged in medium size boxes, with a total of 150 boxes, from Indiana to California. An analysis using all the characteristics listed above, by mode of transport, will help to compare different solutions and identify those that are profitably feasible and advantageous.
Air Transport represents a very fast mode of transport characterized by increased security and lower insurance premiums, suitable for light and perishable goods. The reliability of this mode of transportation is impressive due to high frequency of flights and low indirect costs of transport. “FedEx Custom Critical Air Expedite provides optimal air solutions to meet any speed, size and/or cost requirements”.   In the case of our chosen merchandise, it will cost approximately $32,250 for a rate of $215 per box, using FedEx priority overnight shipping mode ( However, shipping via air poses problems such as transport capacity limited, very expensive airfreight not suitable for certain goods (hazardous or others requiring special transport conditions) (; the small size of loading units may also cause many...