Since the world we live is in one whole community, different languages have lot of similarities; therefore communication is the key element between different languages. Different languages have different cultures, the meaning and the way people think will cause Culture differences.   When translating a foreign language the ways of thinking and visual thought are needed.   Culture differences have huge influence on translating.   The communications between different languages are the intercommunion of different culture.   In order to translate a foreign language, you have to understand the culture of the language.   The essay combines understanding and thinking; comparison and expression; religious belief; and history culture’s influence on translate a foreign language.
Keywords:   culture difference, translate, influence;
The basic meaning of translate is to express the meaning of an article or a dialogue.   It may sound easy but it’s hard to act. Because language is a product from culture and society, we have to see it from the culture and society’s side of view.   When translate between Chinese and English, it’s very important that we understand the culture differences, these culture differences will help us to translate when we are in trouble.   American’s famous translator Eugene A.Nida said when translate the most serious mistakes are not words expressions; it’s because of culture difference. After all, the problem of translate is caused by the difference between two languages.   It’s the main purpose of translate and it’s also a problem.
In the process of communication, people from different nationality communicate to each other, it’s not only rely on the understanding on the language, it’s also rely on the understand of the culture. If you understand the culture differences, you can translate a language with no problem.  
Translation is a tool of communication, it help nationalities better understanding the technology and science achievements between different...