Transitions Billy Elliot and Big


As we transition through life we are eventually forced to challenge our own position in this world. These transitions may be controllable or beyond our control, but both allow us to transform our attitude and transition into new phases of life.                                                                                                                                                    
The film “Billy Elliott” by Stephen Daldry shows the transition of a young boy living in a poverty stricken mining town who wants to move into the world of ballet. The transition that Billy undergoes is difficult and is often hindered by obstacles such as Billy farther Jackie. A similar transition can be seen in Tim Winton’s “Big World” where the characters, the unnamed narrator and his friend Biggie, dream of escaping from there home town and their dead-end jobs and explore some of the world.                                                                                                                                                      
Through these two texts it can be shown; what transitions involve, how transitions can be challenging, and how they can transform people.

For main character Billy, it can be seen from the very opening of the movie that he has a passion for dancing. He faces many challenges as he transitions into the world of dance.
One of Billy’s main obstacle is that of gender expectations for men in 1984. As Billy’s passion for dance grows he begins to challenges society’s expectations for men, as he rebels against the stereotype surrounding males of the time. This in turn cause sparks to fly between Billy and his farther Jackie after Billy is caught participating in Mrs. Wilkinson’s ballet class. Daldry uses a low angle shot of Jackie as he says “Lads do boxing or wrestling or football, not ballet” the use of this angle places Jackie in a superior position to Billy and show the family’s opposition towards Billy becoming a...