Transformation Macbeth

Dear Parents, Welcome to Term Three. We hope both you and your children had a lovely

holiday. The children worked hard last term and defmitely deserved the break. Below, we have briefly outlined our topics of study for each Key Learning Area.

This tenn we will be studying two units from the To Know, Worship and Love Syllabus. These are as follows:

This unit focuses on the concept of relationship. It begins with the children's experience of friendship and broadens to the Christian way of relating to others. It then focuses on forgiveness and gratitude in relationships through two Gospel stories (How Many Times Must We Forgive?' and (TheTen Lepers'. Creator God. This unit focuses on God the Creator who is present in all of creation. The first creation story is presented. The focus for this story is: God the creator, the goodness of creation and creation as a reflection of God's love and goodness. Emphasis is then turned to the Sabbath, rest time. The unit also introduces psalms of praise as a way of expressing our praise and thanks to God.


The children will be consolidating the Information Report text type. They will develop their research skills and learn to write descriptions of the various underwater phenomena they will be studying in Human Society and Its Environment. Much of the initial work will involve showing the children how to research information through whole class activities before making their own individual attempts. We will also continue to revise the recount text type. SPELLING The THRASS program will continue to be our focus within the spelling program. Each week there will be a focus on two different blends which will be explicitly taught and will form part of the homework. Listed below are the blends covered each week


LITERATURE RESPONSE - MENU BOARD The children will continue to develop their language skills through literature...