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Jeema Cooke
Counselling   skills   transcribed   interview   essay
Word   count: 1,515

“Counselling   is   a   process   that   requires   a   coherent   framework   or structure.   This   framework   is   necessary   as   a   guide   for   both   counsellor   and   client;   although   it   is   not   always   rigidly   followed,   it   serves   as   a   map   or reference   point   in   the   practice   of   counselling.   Egan   (1994)   offers   a   structural   model   of   counselling   that   divides   the   process   into   three   main   components”. (Hough,2014,pg 44)
During   the   counselling   skills   interview   conducted   with   my   younger   sister,   I   used   Egans’s   model   as   a   guide.   Egan’s   3   stage   model   when   practicing   CBT   helps   to   provide   structure   to   a   session.
The   purpose   of   this   essay   is   describing   the   counselling   practices   that   I   did   at   home   with   my   sister   as   my   client.   In   this reflective   essay,   I will   describe   the   style   of   counselling   I used,   the   actions   I   had   taken,   the area   of   skills   where   I   need   further   improvement   and   the   feedback   I   received   from   my   classmates   after   we   practiced   our   counselling   in   class   during   roleplay.
My   client   met   with   me   for   20   minutes   to   discuss   an   issue   she   had   based   on   the   separation   of   her   parents. She   wasn’t   so   much   upset   by   the   separation but   was   being   made   to   feel   guilty   and   feeling   under   pressure   by   her   father   for   not   choosing   to   stay   with   over   her   mother.
She   wanted   to   talk   about   strategies   that   would   make   her   life   easier.  
During   the   session   I   tried   to   demonstrate   skills   learnt   from   counselling   level   2   and   3,   the   skills   I   can   reflect   on   include   non-verbal communication,   development   of   rapport,   active   listening,   paraphrasing   and   open   ended   questions.   I   hardly   did   any   paraphrasing   which   is   definitely     something   I   need   to   work   on.
“The   word   ‘paraphrasing’   refers   to...