Trans Act


‘’Using an anonymous current client or one you have worked with in the past, apply methods discussed in this module to their case and discuss what you think could have been achieved.’’


For the purpose of this essay I will be using a past client for the purpose of evaluating how using TA and gestalt therapy could have been applied to his therapy and what possible outcomes could have been achieved. For the purpose of this essay my client will be referred to as Mr S.

Transactional Analysis

Eric Berne founded Transactional Analysis in the late 1950s. TA main philosophies are that people are fundamentally O.K.   That each of us, regardless of behaviour, has a basic core, which is worthy of love, respect and acceptance, that we are capable of change, growth and healthy interactions with our self and others and that we all have the capacity to think and decide our own destiny.   We are all responsibility for our decisions and behaviour but these decisions can be changed. The goal of TA is for the individual to gain Autonomy, to reach ones full potential, update and replace out-dated faulty strategies formed in childhood for new ones that work.   Autonomy is defined as awareness, spontaneity and the capacity for intimacy

Berne theorised that all human communication comes from one of three ego states that form the basis of our behaviour and how we relate to others. We all go in and out of the various states however it is to what degree we are living in in the states, especially ones that are unhealthy that we may want to bring into consciousness so we can alter these states for healthier interactions.

The Ego States –

Parent, Adult or Child. (PAC)

Parent ego state – not our own direct experiences but the unconscious borrowed thoughts, feeling and beliefs learnt from our parents and significant authority figures, teachers, friends and other mentors in childhood. The parent state updates information as we grow. The parent...