Feb 1, 2013

What a wonderful day, this is the day that there will be a concert in our church, it’s a evangelistic concert where I invited my classmates, and blockmates to come to watch, since it will be a great opportunity for evangelising people to God.

But before the time to go to the concert we have classes to attend (PHYSICS and P.E). Our first class starts at 10am, and we are really late for it I mean all of us are almost late that time(We really hate that schedule they gave us in p.e) but luckily we made it in time and we were like hassle and our face were soo haggard it was like running in a race that there is no end (Hahaha). In P.E class we dance, I really don’t know why Dancing is part of the P.E (Hehe), we were dancing cha-cha, It’s really fast!! Our feet hurts, this dance really get the hell out of us. After that class we suppose to have a lunch but unfortunately our professor told us that we have no prelim grade , (Our face o.O), so he gave us a condition, and guess what?, he said we must teach the AMT student to dance cha-cha, and I was the one picked to teach them, ((), but we must do it or we will receive 5 ((). We have no choice but to teach them! And we did, after that we take our lunch and head to our next class (WE ARE LATE), and because my professor in physics knows about the concert, she dismissed us early so we can be ready for the concert.

After of 4hours waiting the concert started and we really had some much fun.

p/s We invited Professors to and they are so having fun that time (Haha)

~Jov Steven Cabacog

Feb 2, 2013

After the awesome day, yesterday, this will be another good day for me.

Today will be the day my two best friends will come to me in the 2nd day of the evangelistic concert of Newsboys. This is the first time we saw each other after the new year and I don’t know what they look like now (Maybe Ugly now haha). I woke up 6Am to contact them...