Training Program

InterClean Training Program
InterClean’s transition to a relationship-oriented sales strategy requires a training program that focuses on enhancing sales techniques and development of teamwork mentality.   While the learners involved all have skills in each of these areas, reinforcement and alignment as a team will be necessary in order to provide service that is consistent in its quality excellence.   These topics will allow each team member to share their expertise and enhance areas of opportunity during the training sessions.  
Objectives and Performance Standards
When the preliminary training is completed, the following goals will have been achieved:
• Learners will be able to develop strategies that facilitate long term service relationships with customers by providing excellent customer service.
• Learners will develop a clear understanding and application of health regulations that affect the health care industry in relation to care and maintenance of facilities and equipment.
• Learners will develop a clear understanding of the available products provided by InterClean versus those of other competitors and be able to compare and contrast them.
• Learners will develop problem solving skills that will assist them in identifying successful solutions to meet client needs.
Ongoing training will be essential because the needs of the client, regulations and products change.   Follow up training will specifically target trends in the industry, product updates and regulatory changes.   Training will be provided by InterClean as well as by having the sales team attend industry related seminars and events.  
Performance standards constitute the desired performance after the training program is completed (Cascio, 2005, p.296).   Learners will be expected to:
• Maintain an 80% retention rate.
• Maintain a 90% customer satisfaction rate based on customer survey feedback and complaint log.
• Achieve sales goals on a monthly basis.
Delivery Methods