Training in Acc

In this article I want to present the efficient way for ACC to develop a learning organization by Designing effective training process which organization can use and take benefits from it to implement a learning organization. In this example of ACC, the organization focusing on individual changing rather than managerial structures and work practices changing, Elkjaer the author focus on the learning theory by John Dewey that considering employees’ active involvement as the turning point around which a learning organization may develop.
The training program contents in ACC aimed to change employees to make them adopt new ways of thinking and acting so that would be more appropriate in a learning organization, but by implementing of new technology   to increase efficiency in ACC, that will make some of employees dispensable, so I think that in order to implement effective learning, it has to be related to helping employees’ performance improves and the companies achieve its business goals, this connection helps ensure that employees are motivated to learn and that the limited resources (time and money) for learning are focused in areas that will directly help the business succeed.
Learning theories
Developing a learning organization begins with individual learning and does not start with changes in organizational work practices and structures, this method suggest to start with personal quality course (van Hauen et al., 1995: 39), ‘shared vision’ is vital for the learning organization because it provides the focus and energy for learning (Senge, 1990:206), learning is related to the institutional and social context in which it takes place and occurs through individuals’ participation in communities of practice(Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger 1991) these theories focus on personal adaptation and organizational socialization than on learning, organizational learning assumed to be an epi-phenomenon of individual learning.
The learning organization can be...