Training and Deveopment

Mondy, R.W., Noe, R.M., Premeaux, S.R., (2002), Human Resources Management

                                                      Training and Development
The definition of training and development is “The heart of a constant effort designed to improve employee capability and organizational performance” (Mondy, Noe, Premeaux, 2002, Human Resources Management).
Training and development programs are important for successfully training and educating their employees within the organization. The value and diversity of the organizations training is to provide strategic for motivation. The main purpose for training series for new-hirers is the training is about the procedure to introducing a new idea to a workgroup. The value of training and development programs are important in keeping the employees motivated about learning new ideas and observing the departments’ profits.
The training tool for organizations is training before, during, and after new employees start organization. Employees apply the trained material to the position immediately. Training is planned to give employees information and skills, which are needed for position, while development involves learning also the knowledge of position goes beyond the present position. Organizations like to focus on the long-term for employees to help keep organizations with changes and growth. Training has become an important feature of an organization’s success. The need to have proper training helps employees develop knowledge and skills of the job/position and improves profitability and positive attitudes.   Many of the organizations’ see employees as asset and an important quality, which may increase employees’ productivity and profits for organization.
The employee develops a high confidence and self-esteem. Along with correct training employees can relate with organizations goals, company image comes to be improved. Training promotes faithfulness, openness and trust. Organization/management and...