Training and Development

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2. | Synopsis | 3 |
3. | Company Profile | 5 |
4. | Objective Of The Study | 6 |
5. | Methodology | 7 |
6. | Questionnaire | 8 |
7. | Findings & Analysis | 9 |
8. | Conclusion | 14 |
9. | Recommendation | 15 |
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Executive Summary:
Training and Development differ in their nature but are complementary to each other. Development depends strictly on the individual, but training can be provided by the organization.       Training and development is done in organizations in order to improve the employee performance at present or in future. Training is an investment in HR with a promise of better returns in future and it also serves as an effective source of recruitment in higher positions. But effectiveness of the Training and Development can be evaluated only on the basis of its returns and the success of the organizations as well as the employees. In this project we try to find out the employees perception of the Trainings programs and also try to evaluate its efficiency and effectiveness.
To understand the techniques used for training and development in a direct selling organization and its effectiveness
Synergy RMS Pvt. Ltd. was visited and the employees were given a questionnaire related to Training details and the factors that affect the success of training programs according to them. The answers were tabulated and an attempt was made to find out if the employees were benefitted by the training programs and what is their perception about the training. An attempt was made to find the effectiveness and efficiency of training at Synergy RMS Pvt. Ltd.   and if it meets all the objectives.
    Through the survey it is found that Synergy RMS uses different training methods like job rotations, external trainings, conferences, programmed instructions, etc. But most of its employees undergo training...