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Training and education in healthcare

      Training is essentially learning by doing which should improve performance in an activity while education can be defined as a learning process including a mix of knowledge, skills and experience so as to reach solutions. The two are important factors in healthcare provision since staying healthy is quite important to every person. There are many reasons why training and education are vital in healthcare and why this field requires measuring competencies. Tracking and evaluation of the training’s effectiveness is also quite essential in healthcare education and training.

      As mentioned earlier, being of good health is of great importance to any individual and thus trusting ones health to any individual is a really weighty personal issue. One needs to be assured of every healthcare practitioner’s outstanding medical knowledge complemented with great professionalism since, as a healthcare consumer, one isn’t just making a product purchase but seeking a better quality of life and many more years of a great and healthy existence all as a product of health care practitioners’ knowledge. Also, the healthcare field, like any other, is changing everyday in terms of knowledge and thus the continued education and training is of great significance on the health of patients.

      The professional capability of any practitioner is what makes healthcare provision a success and having great skills and a good education makes one quite valuable in the field since one is at a better position to provide the quality care that patients deserve and expect; this in turn enhances healthcare providers’ career satisfaction (Storey, 2002). A quality education and training is also a requirement for certification in some cases and also attracts premium healthcare institutions showing their significance to the any healthcare provider’s career.

      All institution’s performance is dependent on...