Trade Pack

These days, the issue of the trade pack is pretty hot. Whenever I log in my FB, there are always full of the news, picture about the trade pack. For this matter, to be honest, I have no idea. The government does not show people any responsible explanation, and, count myself in, perhaps, there are a bunch of people who do not know what is the trade pact about, and what the ECFA exactly is.
The pictures about protesting at Legislative Yuan unceasingly appear on my FB these days like the frame story one after one. In a photo, there is the purple flag printed on the black words “People’s Right to Self-Determination.”   Besides, there are the red flag of “Defending Taiwan with Referendum”, and the green one, imprinted “Remedying Referendum Law”, which is left behind the red one.   Also, there are the white and the blue flags in the rear. Sunlight is peeking through the flags. The colors of the flags are saturated by sunshine. I, as a Taiwanese, of course I do feel the responsibility for this country and the sense of unanimity with all of our Taiwanese. Therefore, the anger among the crowd who go to protest at the Legislative Yuan could be understood. Their courage, spirit and even belief make people feel proud and touched. In this light, it is their personal belief. People who judge or mock at their actions is not appropriate, because there is no absolute truth. Foreign media come to give this even a title on their newspaper. It is entitled “Hundreds of students occupy Taiwan's Legislature to protest China pact."The tension between Taiwan and its cross-strait country, China again becomes the focus among the world.  
Interestingly, another issue is also brought up. Today, I notice a post from FB which had been shared many times. It is a post from a university student who was interviewed when he was at the Legislative Yuan. The post represents the dialogues between the journalist and himself. He told the journalist that he came because he wants to protest the process of...