Torurism has many advantages. Socially tourism can help in getting people together and to know their cultures, that is how people come together by tourism one culture is transfered to the other culture, which makes a new culture. Tourism on the other hand has its economic benefits for the host country. It is actually a trade between countries. If a person goes out of your country to the other country will obviously get a ticket visa etc and the revenue will come to the host country if that is international tourism however, domestically it has the same benefit. We know that tourists are usually the rich class. If some of their money is spent on tourism their money may go to government as a revenue which in turn will help to increase govt expenditures for development. Tourism in marketing is called destination marketing. It is obvious that tourism today is a commodity trade and have its benefits. As far as social benefits are concern. Tourism can help in bringing people together,understanding eachother and influencing eachother by own way of life which in turn wil mix the culture and may form a new culture. Tourism has its advantages for one's health aswell. Makes u happy and feel good. And happiness in one which can refresh ur brain, also it helps in understanding the nature.
It has its disadvantages in the sense if a community is conservative in its culture and by traveling u want to mix their culture they may react harshly at you. The other corn is that tourism can disclose secret information about a country. And tourism can help in understanding the people psyche. By then using your tactics u can occupy that land. As history has shown. That is what USA is doing, we have the story of IRAQ US, Afghan US.