广安线 途径阆中
    Good morning,Ladies and gentlemen . The distance between Chengdu and our destination guang’an is about 280km . In the last 4 hours,We have passed Suining and Nanchong and now we are passing through   the beautiful city of langzhong .
      Langzhong   is located in the northeast of Sichuan provience . It has the area of 1878 square kilometres . Langzhong has a long history . It was the capital city of Ba in the acient time .Langzhong is a beautiful ancient city and one of the top four ancient towns of China . The other three are Lijiang in Yu’nan provience ,Pingyao in Shanxi provience , and Shexian in Anhui provience.Langzhong is also the biggest geomantic(风水的)culture city in China . What dose it mean? Ok , please look out of the windows , you will find the answer . Our bus is on the jialing brigde now . You can see Jialing river holding Langzhong in its arms . This city is also surrounded by Panlong(盘龙) mountain .This kind of geograpghy is comfortable for people to live . It is said that this kind of geography also has a positive potential effect on the people who live there , therefore , Langzhong is called geomatic culture city .
      There are many attactive stories about this city . I want to share one of them with you . In Tang dynasty , there were two famous astronomers(天文学家)—Yuantiangang and Lichunfeng . They were also good friends . Both of them believed Langzhong was a perfect city in geography , so they decided to choose an ideal spot as their tombs . One day ,Yuantiangang found a ideal spot and hide a copper(铜币) there . On another day ,Lichunfeng also found a perfect spot and put a needle there . But when they go to see their perfect place they had found something incredible happended . Actually , the needle and the copper were put in the same hole . That’s amzing , right ? It is a folk story , but it indicated the extraordinary and excellent geography of langzhong.
Langzhong has three special products - Baoning vinegar, Zhang Fei beef...