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Touch Panel Market Trends, Size, Challenges, Costs and
Price, Analysis, Segmented Overview and Outlook

The report covers the global touch panel market, focusing on the key market trends and purchasing
considerations rather than on technology details.
Forecasts are for 2014-2020, with the full year 2014 data not being available at the time of writing,
although quarterly figures up to 3Q14 were used to inform the 2014 forecast where available. Historical
data is provided back to at least 2010 where relevant.
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Executive Summary
The Global Touch Screen Technology Market has so far been characterised by extreme fragmentation
both in technology and in supply chain. Ten years of double-digit growth in both units and revenues,
combined with relatively low barriers to entry, have encouraged a huge number of suppliers.
At the same time there has been no ‘one-size-fits-all’ technology solution, with several different
technology approaches meeting the needs of different categories of device or usage scenario. However,
since 2009, one approach (PCAP) has captured the highest-volume touch categories of mobile phones
and tablets.
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Hexa Reports
Market Research Reports and Insightful Company Profiles
Table Of Content

Touch Panel Report
Table of Contents
List of Figures
List of Tables
Report Scope
Research Methodology
Executive Summary and Recommendations
Analysis by Technology Type
Detailed Analysis: Projected Capacitive (PCAP)
Cost Drivers in PCAP
Pricing Analysis
Market Dynamics
Bargaining Power of Suppliers versus Buyers
Value Chain Analysis and Degree of Competition
Detailed Analysis: Embedded Touch
On-cell (also known as TOD, touch-on-display)
Market Dynamics...