Totalitarianism Questions

1. Totalitarianism- a government that takes total control over every aspect of its citizen’s lives.     Great Purge- Stalin’s attempt to destroy anyone who could stop him or limit his power Command Economy- the government would make all economic decisions.                                 Five-Year Plans- numerical goals to increase output of coal, iron, steel, and electricity.   Collective farm- Privately owned farms sieved by the government, producing food for the state.
3. The Key traits of a totalitarianism state is to achieve total control by the government. The government can do what it wishes with subjects, and could care less about them, as if a casual game of chess.  
4. Totalitarian rulers maintain control through fear, persecution, propaganda, and censorship. Citizens constantly fear an early morning knock on the door.
5. The economy changed dramatically under Stalin. With his 5-year plan, he quadrupled the production of coal, and more than doubled steel. Although, agriculture changed for the worst as livestock and wheat dove down.
6. Constitutional states believe in freedom, dignity, human worth, reason, and respect. Totalitarianism states used fear and murder to control the population. People can be murdered with only light suspicion of a crime, are in the hands of an evil and corrupted government, and are used only for the government’s gain.
7. To rise to power, Stalin used corrupted police, propaganda, censorship, control of the education, and religious prosecution to rise, and maintain power.
8. In my opinion, the 5-year plan would have been a great plan if it didn’t hurt the people’s moral so terrible. The coals probably could have been reached just as fast with the people’s help and support.
9. Dear Diary:
Society has told me the key to a great life is to become a doctor; well, show me the better life. Although I make a considerable amount of money, life is still terrible. I work long hours, and come home to three little...