Tongue Twister - Presentation Skills

Tongue Twisters

Tongue twister 1

I saw Susie sitting in a shoe shine shop. All day long she shines and sits, sits and shines and sits. I saw Susie sitting in a shoe-shine shop.

Tongue twister 2

Betty Botter bought a bit of bitter butter. Betty Botter thought a bit of better butter should be bought. She bought a better bit of better butter, better butter than the bitter butter Betty bought.

Tongue twister 3

The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick

Tongue twister 4

Are you aluminiuming them, my man? No, I’m copperbottoming them, m’am.

This presentation training have helped me to overcome my fear that I am not the only person feels nervous being in the spotlight – its normal and just need to practise to improve my weakness.
It is very important that everybody is comfortable and can get on with learning rather than being anxious.

Looking at ourselves

The best way to eliminate negative body language is to be aware of what we do. We should try to be conscious at all times of using positive body language.

It helps to practice body language

Practice your stance: stand with your feet less than shoulder width apart. Don’t lean into the audience, but don’t turn your body away either.

Use an open posture: stand upright and not slouched: keep your shoulders back but keep them relaxed: don’t fold your arms across your body, or put your hands across your face: never put your hands in your pockets.

Make positive eye contact: keep regular eye contact with the audience, but don’t stare at any one individual.

Use open gestures. Hand gestures should be made with up-turned open palms.

Make sure your gestures, movements or facial expressions are natural: nerves can make us exaggerate our body language which creates the wrong effect.

If you can, take the opportunity to see yourself perform on video: this is a useful way of getting a critical look at the body language you are using and practise improvements.