Tomorrows Society Today

Mike Valencia
2009 Oct. 28
Leading Tomorrows Society Today
Children learn from everything they hear and see through interacting with people. They learn lifestyles from teachers, parents, youth, and even famous people. Throughout these interactions children learn how to deal with issues they face either in a positive or negative manor, depending on how they were influenced. Millions of kids across America attend an after school care program of some sort. Being an employee at one has taught me so much. Kids are the future. In saying that, we have to set the bar high for them. Setting the right example is an important aspect of shaping the future.
It is very important that we set a positive example for the children of the next generation. We’re the ones responsible for guiding and setting the path for the youth of tomorrow to follow. In all actuality everyone needs a positive and healthy influence in their life. Kids need a role model other than their parents to look up to, thus enabling them to get advice or an opinion from someone other than their parents. Kids need an advisor closer to their age that they can comfortably talk to about things that may be awkward or embarrassing to discuss with a parent. Being able to talk to someone openly is a healthy way to grow and advance psychologically and socially; gaining trust, confidence, and above all a relationship (Crawley). Gaining these aspects of maturity and morals is an important part of life, without them people may find it hard to cope with society.
It is as simple as maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Showing kids the importance of staying positive and maintaining self keep (Carney). You can help by teaching them problem solving skills and how to use them correctly. Another crucial aspect is to take time and listen to what they have to say. It is a necessary element to becoming an even better role model. It will allow you to better know the kids in your surroundings, enabling you to fix their problems more...