Tom Walker


Date: April 14, 2009
Period: 3rd Block/4th block
Grade Level:   English 11 general/college

(Why this lesson in this way with this group of students today?   How does it fit into the bigger context of the unit?)

students will explore two blog prompts before reading today’s short story, “the devil and tom walker.”   this will help with understanding important ideas and themes before reading the story.   after, other activities will help explore those ideas a bit further so a second blog response and discussion will take place.

Instructional Objectives:
(Connect to SOL’s where appropriate.)

SOL’s:   11.3, 11.4, 11.7

  1. given a blog prompt, students will successfully respond and explore their thoughts and ideas through written word.
  2. given students have written in their online journal, students will be able to discuss the prompt in a whole class discussion.
  3. given students have discussed major themes and ideas based on a prompt, students will read and understand “the devil and tom walker.”
  4. given students have read “the devil…”, students will participate in a speculation game, read a present day news article, and re-respond to the blog based on all ideas and themes across activities.
  5. given students have completed all daily lesson acitivites, students will successfully complete study questions based on the story.

Opener/Anticipatory Set/Warm-up:
(Include details about what prior knowledge students need in order to enter into this lesson and how you’ll engage it.)

  1. i began the lesson by posing two prompts to the class:   1.   i decide and control how successful i am & 2. money is the number one goal in most people’s lives in today’s soceity.   students wrote about these two prompts on their class blog and which then sparked a whole class discussion.   this transitioned into the story “the devil and tom...