Tom and Jerry

Tom and jerry obviously is a very popular cartoon television show. Now the question is what if some alterations were made to the factors of the comic? What if it would have been written in a different time? Or a different place? Or in a different language or for a different audience? Various factors easily are able to influence this book.
The first thing is to think how two different audiences with different point of view can interpret a simple comic. To start off with Tom and Jerry is a very famous comedy cartoon and comic of a cat, chasing after a mouse all the time.
People mainly take Tom and Jerry as a relaxing, humorous play of two cartoon characters but is also taken as a violent film. The cartoon is intimidating and worrying parents, teachers and the whole society. Shockingly enough, the humorous play also has bad effects in it. This cartoons is as old as the hills. There have been various debates on weather Tom and Jerry the most violent cartoons or not. While this cartoon has been under fire recently for fighting involved scenes. There holds a firm belief that “Tom and Jerry” is by no means violence provoking.

No matter what the cat Tom and the mouse Jerry do in the films, children can tell fact and fiction apart with a little help from their parents. Believe it or not, a child at the age of four can easily realize the distinction between Tom - Jerry and cats – mice in reality. They know that Tom and Jerry are just figments of the animator's imagination. As a child aged five or six, kids have enough metal ability to tell that cutting tails or biting each other were just Tom and Jerry’s jokes, which could not be done by any other pets. Though it enough has bad effects on children’s personality when considering today’s movies, which are fully equipped with effects that even lure the adult into thinking that these are real. Indeed, what we can see in “Tom and Jerry” are not just meaningless fighting moments between cats and mice but many virtues as...