Today's Smart Phone

Today’s Smart Phone
Teenagers and smartphones are an unstoppable force. Over half of all teens in the United States today have smartphones. This statistic raises the inevitable question: how has the smartphone invasion changed today’s generation?
The birth of the smartphone brought along quite a few benefits. These benefits include the use of a cell phone in an emergency situation, as well as providing new ways to connect and communicate with not only friends, but family, teachers, doctors, and almost every other party a person is involved with. Along with the benefits of the birth of the smartphone, there are also a few disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage that can be seen today is that frequent usage of smartphones takes time and attention away from interpersonal relationships.
Just a few nights ago I was talking to my younger sister via Skype to interview her for my profile essay and in the middle of a question her phone buzzed with a text message from her friend. She stopped her response to my question mid-sentence and proceeded to reply to her friend. She could not even wait until we had finished our conversation before she went ahead and carried on her own conversation on the side. It was this moment that proved to me that today’s generation completely revolves themselves around their smartphones. For this reason I wanted my artifact for this profile essay to be the smartphone.
While almost every age group contains people who own a smartphone, no other age group has as many smartphones as today’s generation does. Smartphones have secured a strong place in the lives of today’s teens and tweens. My younger sister Kelly, who just started seventh grade, is a perfect example of how much a cell phone plays a part in the everyday lives of kids her age. In fact, at the end of my interview I actually asked Kelly how important her phone was to her and how important her friends’ phones were to them. Her immediate response was that it was not really that...