Tobacco: Necessary Evil

Christopher Mercado
Tobacco: Necessary Evil
Many people question supports tobacco products even through tobacco product have killed more people then terrorist related deaths. The United States when it comes to tobacco products has dug a hole that would be very difficult to get out of. It is sad to say but tobacco products have become a necessary evil in our world today. Some tobacco industries love to be known for having a handmade product   and will hired many people to work for the company. Also the tobacco industries are considered to be small economic contributors so if the government pulls the products from the stores and outlaw tobacco products, not only people lose their jobs but it could cause a economy crisis that the United States does not need in   this point in time.
Also many would say the tobacco products are at price because the tobacco companies want to made more “blood” money, but do not that the company works on a fix price and the taxes, which counts for the cost, are set by the state individually. The states also determine how the taxes from the products are used and tax money from the products is used for programs that help people. For example, Oregon spends the money from tobacco taxes on education, emergency service, and Oregon health plan. Another question is why hasn’t the war on tobacco is not on the same scale with the war on terrorism? It is also a matter of freedom that people have. Many views smoking as a freedom that they fought for and the people have the right to light up a smoke if they have the feeling to do so.
Some view that if you take away the freedom of smoking then what other rights would the government suppress to make a certain group happy. It is a matter of choice a person picks up a cigarette and smokes it. Some smokers to relive stress and calm them down and some smoke because they enjoy it and it also give them a sense of freedom.   Banning tobacco products would cause a huge backlash from certain groups...