To What Extent Was Hitler Successful in Consolidating Nationalist Socialist Power After Being Appointed Chancellor in 1933?

To what extent was Hitler successful in consolidating Nationalist Socialist Power after being appointed Chancellor in 1933?

On the 30th of January 1933, Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. Within a year and a half Germany was a military dictatorship under his control. The speed and eventual success in Hitler’s consolidation of Nazi power is often analysed and discussed by historians.
It is often wondered how a man from a small Austrian town, born on the 20th April 1889 of parents from poor peasant backgrounds, could have such a rise to power.
After leaving education with no formal qualifications and failing as a painter in Vienna, Hitler moved to Munich and enlists into the German army during the outbreak of World War One, he was decorated and awarded for his bravery before being injured in a mustard gas attack which had him recovering in hospital when Germany surrendered.
While working as a spy for the German army in 1919, Hitler attended a meeting of an anti-Semitic nationalist group called the German Workers Party. He found that he agreed with their message, but disagreed with their structure and gave a passionate speech, this quickly gave him a reputation as a fine public speaker, engaging with his audience about the injustice imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles. It became apparent that people were joining the political party just to hear Hitler's speeches, he noticed how he was able to create an atmosphere of near hysteria with an audience, leaving them open to do whatever he suggested. By 1921, Hitler ascended through the ranks of the party and became leader of the renamed, National Socialist German Workers’ party (Nazi for short).
The Nazi party wanted a revolution. It blamed Jews, the communists and the Treaty Of Versailles for Germany's economic woes. The aim for Hitler and the Nazis was clear, to gain total power and control over Germany.

Hitler’s successful campaign to consolidate Nazi power after being appointed...