To What Extent Is War Inevitable Today?

To what extent do you believe war is inevitable in today’s world?
By: Arianna Lu
*Presented to *Mrs. Antonuk & Mr. *Klukas*
Sir Winston Churchill High School *

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for History 30/35 IB
  *October 23, 2007
Period: 2*

To what extent do you believe war is inevitable in today’s world?
  War has always been a major part of our history, for it is within human nature for conflicts to arise when opposing personalities meet, when these opposing forces are nations of the world, war is an effective foreign policy method used to achieve what the state wants based on their ideologies and world views. To what extent is war inevitable in today’s world? It is important for our generation to examine the evidence of past struggles in human history to gain an understanding of how the world can be best run, how it may become the utopian society that everyone dreams of, if it is possible. The Arab-Israeli conflict which has had a span of nearly a century is a case study that effectively demonstrates the extent of the inevitability of war in today’s world. Soon after World War II, on May 14th of 1948, the Mandate of Palestine created by Britain after the first World War was terminated and Israel declared its independence; over the next five days, nine existing states officially recognized the provisional Jewish Government.1 This independence movement was not supported by the surrounding Arab Nations, much of the land in Israel was occupied by Palestinians and war was declared on the state of Israel by the Arab League, the newly formed nation was invaded the next day. This caused the dormant tension between the people to resurface, and even today, the fighting within the area fails to cease. If the endless hostility between these two nations is only everlasting because of the theory that war is inevitable, then the suggestion made here is that there is no true reason for this war to be continuous, because the root of...