To What Extent Has the Location of Sovereign in the Uk Changed in Recent Years

BY MAXINE HINGSTON To What Extent Has The Location Of Sovereignty In The UK Changed In Recent Years

The location of sovereignty in the UK in recent years has reduce from one single power and devolved into many unions, treaties and nations within the UK and abroad. Power has been devolved from a single sovereignty parliament in the UK to a-multi sovereignty in the UK and its nations. Scotland has played a bigger part in receiving sovereignty, for example, the electoral system devised for Scotland was to ensure that extremist (Scottish Nationalist Party) could never come to power, but they have, by working within its own sovereign parliament and not a central office, Westminster was pushed into allowing SNP to run Scotland as a country; if Westminster didn’t comply the Union of the United Kingdom, it could possible to break, This would show a weakness in UKs sovereignty.
Parliament is the only body that can make law for the UK. No other authority can overrule or change the laws which parliament has made. This, therefore gives statute law precedence over the other sources of the constitution allowing parliament to pass, change or repeal any law it like and is not bound by the laws made by previous parliaments. Parliamentary sovereignty is made up of Mass electorate, Party system, referendums, pressure groups, international agreements and treaties, the European Union (EU), the European Conventions on Human Rights (ECHR) and lastly North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). With all these different branches contributing to the UKs sovereignty its shows how the location of it is detached from one another.   BY MAXINE HINGSTON
Although there are many external agreements and treaties that make the UKs power bounded, there are internal limits in our sovereignty. Mass Electorate is one of them limits – seen to some as ‘elected dictatorship’; as we only vote every 5 years on a Prime minster and/or Members of Parliament of the constituency that we live.   When the...