To What Extent Does Dissafection Contribute to Young People Becomming Involved in Criminality?

Outline of the research

This study represents a survey involving participants from the Police, the Youth Offending Service and Education. The research focuses on whether disaffection with education is a major contributory factor in young people being involved in criminality. The aim of the study was to explore other known and well documented factors such as the family, school, the community and personal or individual factors, and to compare them with the experiences of the participants.

The research method chosen was a survey with questionnaires to fifty participants followed by interviews with a representative from each agency. The content for the questionnaires and the interviews were based on information found in research projects by the Youth Cohort Study (1995; DCSF, 2007) and the Youth Lifestyle Survey (Home Office, 1998).

The rationale behind this study was that as an educationalist it is essential that one should have a thorough understanding of the pressures some young people experience and how they might impact upon their lifestyle choices and their aspirations within the education system.   It is also important to consider the consequences of becoming disengaged with education and how this may lead some young people to become involved in criminal behaviour. The motivation to discover as much information as possible,   which would enable this author to better support those young people who have committed crimes as well as discovering good practice from various agencies, lead to an investigation of those areas already outlined above.

Keeping young people engaged in education is paramount in that it is one of paths that may keep them from prison. According to figures released by the Prison Reform Trust (2008), almost half of the male prison population were excluded from school, almost a third were regular truants and consequently 80% of the male prison population have poor literacy skills. This is an area of

interest for this author who works...