To What Extent Do Different Players Have Contrasting Attitudes Towards the Protection of Cultures and Cultural Diversity?

Over time the attitudes towards the importance of protecting and preserving the diverse range of global cultures has become an important factor for many governments and NGO’s. However, in each contrasting location, different attitudes have arisen but overall it can be concluded that a large portion of cultural attitudes would like the increase the recognition and legitimacy of their own. However, for multiculturalists, they wish to do so for various minority groups at the extent of delegitimizing the current mainstream culture which is dominated by USA.

There are a few factors and criteria that play a vital role in the protection of cultures and cultural diversity, religion playing an important role. For example, there are some religions which have been interpreted as the only true religion and its followers have dedicated their lives in attempting to convert nearby areas to that very religion. In recent times, one example of this would be the Jehovah's Witnesses. This is a group of people that have created their own interpretation of the bible but still are christian, and their most common form of attempting to spread their beliefs is by door-to-door preaching and hoping they will be able to recruit new blood. They would like to protect their culture through spreading it in a peaceful manner, however this can be argued, while on the other hand, in the Middle East, another group is attempting the same thing. ISIS is a military group that have vowed to spread extreme islam as it is the only real region according to them and their methods are unethical, unmoralistic and downright dirty. They too would like to protect and spread their cultures but have a completely opposite way of attempting to influence they subjects. This group has been an atrocity to humankind and a complete violation of human rights and that by itself should illustrate the dedication of some players in attempting to protect what they believe is right.

However, there are different players...