To Succeed Like a Successor

To succeed like the successor
72 year old rattan TATA, chairam of TATA group, has begun the “great hunt” for his successor, a committee NA soonawala, shirin bharucha, rk krishnakumar, cyrus mistry, lord bhattacharya, is setup to complete this hariculean task.
AS management students we must understand “TATA as a concept. Some things are worth studying right??
Now I understand that this is more of a superfluous dream but imagining cost zero. So imagine if you are selected as   a next successor of TATA, you will have to inculcate that X factor in you.
Today tata is the most trusted brand in india, oyuu buy the tta product and you buy the trust. The logo itself says leadership with trust, as a successor you must retain and amplify this trust.
Today rattan tata’s first job with the group involved working with tata steel wherein he worked with blue collar employees shoveling stone and working with the furnaces. It   shows that to be at the top of the pyramid you can’t avoid walking through the base. So if you aspire to be the next tata chairman, try learning anything and everything that comes your way.
One must also not forget that being at the top of the pinnacle doesn’t mean that you ignore the masses. Tata today is largely associated with social work and philanthropy. Tata scholarship is something that every student aspires for. So you as a successor   must be able to carry this legacy with same passion and sincereity