To Learn Basic Japanese in Daily Life

(attention getter) I. Have you ever watch a Japanese animation? I am sure the answer is YES. Japanese animations are so popular that many television channels bought some to increase the viewing rate.

(relate to audience) II. Do you know Doraemon or pokemonster? Sure! They are so common and they are our childhood memories. When we have grown older, you may have fallen into the world of One Piece, Dragon Ball or Hunter X Hunter (at least I am), but then we will find something strange.

(background) III. Japanese animation commonly get a strange point, the voice of the character are strange! They are speaking Cantonese also the voice that didn’t match their face. This is a common problem around the world, it happened in most drama and animation which buy from foreign countries. I realize all we can do is to learn Japanese.

(credibility) IV. I start my journey of learning Japanese since I am Form 2. And now I can watch any animation I like and even talk with Japanese directly. In fact two years ago, I have passed the Japanese examination with high marks.
A. In order to let more people enjoy Japanese animation in original sound track and without staring at the subtitle, I want to share my methods with everyone.

(reveal purpose)
(preview structure) V. I am here to share 3 action you can do in daily which I find helpful to learn Japanese. They are
A. Listen to Japanese songs
B. Watch Japanese animations and dramas
C. Discover Japanese in daily life
(transition) VI. Remember that it is not an easy journey, but if you enjoy keep your interest, I can promise you will find Japanese is intriguing. The first step is make Japanese songs as lively background music.


(action one)
(stage one)

(reason) I. Listen to Japanese songs.
A. Find some Japanese songs you like.
1. Download songs you like to your mp3 or smart phone together with both Japanese and Romaji lyrics.
a. Help remembering the pronunciation of the Japanese kana and Chinese...