To Kill a Mockinbird

Remember the Titans

Ray Budds exhibited poor teamwork skills. One of the first scenes in which he showcases poor teamwork skills is when Bill Yoast announces that Herman Boone is taking over as coach of the football team. This causes an outrage throughout the team and Ray Budds states "I ain't playing for no thief". This quotation not only shows that he is racially discriminatory, but also that he is a terrible team player. A team member should be respectful towards the leader, who in this case happens to be the coach, but Ray's comment shows that he is a very disrespectful and prejudge mental individual.  
One of the main events that resulted in the Titans being brought together, was the appointment of Herman Boone, as the new football coach. As a result of his dedication and hard work, the team members because better football players. As the Titans work hard at becoming better football players, they started to trust each other and make strong friendships with one another. As they came closer to the grand finales they became closer together not only as football players but also as a team. Another event that resulted in the Titans being brought together was the development of Gerry and Julius's relationship. Gerry mainly captains the whites players, while Julius captains the black players, and as they both develop their relationships, a ripple effect occurs throughout the team, causing the Titans to be much cooperative and respectful of each other.  
Teamwork means to be able to work with others a team. Teamwork skills include adaptability,
cooperation, and respect. The Titans displayed adaptability when they accepted Herman Boone as their coach and when they adapted to their new roommates at the football training camp. Also, throughout the duration of the film, the team members learn to cooperate and respect each other as people of personalities, not people of race.
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