To Be a Daughter- My Right


In my mom’s womb I lay asleep
And dreamt the world outside me
She shattered my faith and all she says,
My child your sight this world disobeys.

While in cradle, I hear all blame
The blues of never she shall fetch.
I cry out loud to let out my right
To be loved by all is my right.

Since I walked in home day and night
I heard day long, my son needs new clothes to wear.
While in tattered clothes, I would run, to fight
To be a loved daughter is my right.

My brothers were all out to play
While I was mad to scrub night and day
My heart breaks to cry aloud
But, my pain was never to be found.

A storm broke out and shattered all around
But, I lay awake under my lord’s grace.
I walked out right to win my fight
To shine out bright is my right.

At school, a thousand sneers I could feel.
But, with my lord I showed to all
To vanquish them all, I could fight.
To be an able daughter is my right.

While, a thousand snickers fenced me around
I still carried on and left them far away
To be the best among all these men, to win my right
To shine out bright is my right.

Media and press all around- eager to know, who was I?
A daughter forever, to be blessed as a son, I said with right
And with the entire world I carried on my fight
To be a daughter of all good fortunes is our right.