To Apply to Celta

CELTA is a course that opens new career opportunities to teachers all over the world. It is widely spread and essential for everyone who is going to devote their lives to teaching English as a foreign language.
I am interested in following the course since I long for teaching English to adults in this country as well as abroad. I am sure CELTA will help me to make my lessons more interesting, involving interactive, well-structured and effective. In addition, listening to trainers who have many professional skills is much more useful and captivating than reading books. They will not only share their own experience but will guide and assist in achieving our goals, that is improving our teaching.
During the course I would like to get better at methodology, lesson planning, classroom management and language presentation, to learn how to apply different types of activities throughout the lesson, the right ways to correct mistakes, how to choose and use supplementary material and receive some advice on motivating students.
Teaching practice is a significant part of the training and I truly believe it will be an invaluable experience for my future career. CELTA offers prospects to gain practical knowledge in teaching classes of different levels, have your lessons observed and analysed by qualified trainers and other trainees. Their feedback will not only help to see your strengths and weaknesses but will encourage you to reflect on the areas you should work on as well as watching other teachers will also be worthwhile with regard to obtaining fresh ideas and becoming aware of hoe to assess lessons.
Everything mentioned above is sure to make this course a serious but exciting challenge. Moreover, I strongly believe that CELTA will be extremely profitable for improving my qualifications and teaching techniques.