Tma3 E102 Evaluate the Impact That Ethnic and Cultural Heritage Has on Children and Young Peoples Schooling

Using examples from Block 3, Evaluate the impact that ethnic and cultural heritage has on children and young peoples experiences of schooling.

This essay is going to be discussing the impacts in which ethnic and cultural heritage has on children and young people's experiences of schooling. Psychological research shows that even young children have an awareness of ethnicity and race, this is shaped through their own individual and observational learning. Early interactions with others are of key importance as a part of getting older. This essay will consider culture from the United Kingdom, across Europe and education in India.

Childhood education draws together key disciplines including sociology, psychology, anthropology and economics. These key disciplines impact on the way in which early schooling can be understood. A lot of children find access to schooling hard and often children's schooling experience is impacted by patterns of inequality. Boys and girls were often taught by sex to prepare for future adult roles. To understand the importance of education, Ansell (2005) suggested many children worldwide learnt all they needed informally. It was also encouraged to people across Western Europe to read the Bible in order to civilise their community.  

Different types of schooling began to emerge across Europe, those included were: schools for the poor, church-run schools and independent schools specialising in specific trades, whereas schools in the United Kingdom operated by generous voluntary contributions, after being made compulsory and after passing the Elementary Education Act (EEA) in 1870. Formal schooling at this time provided structured learning environments where children learnt by rote (a repetition and memorisation technique) whilst regularly under the threat of corporal punishment. The working class were made to work on the three R's; reading writing and arithmetic. The EEA continued in nurturing and education for children aged between 5...