In light of the modules and materials I have studied I would like to outline the differences and compare the two streets... (Do not use these dots in academic writing, except to show where some of a quote has been left out.) City Road in Cardiff UK and High Street Arbroath. Arbroath High Street is the street I know the best. Arbroath used to be a bustling town with a lot of shops on   its High Street now there are not a lot of shops even open there. For example Woolworths was a great shop and it was right in the centre of town in Arbroath. Iit created employment and also was great for shoppers,   yet it collapsed and closed.   When you begin an essay in social science, you should treat the first paragraph as an introduction. That is to say, treat it as a passage which informs the reader what you will discuss in your essay. For example, you could begin by writing, “ This essay will examine the similarities and differences between City Road in Cardiff and the High Street in Arbroath.” You would then go on to outline some of the specific areas that the essay will cover. Your introduction should be no more than 10% of the total word limit; in this case that would mean no more than 75 words.
Nearly every shop in Arbroath is boarded up at New Year time,. Tthere is a big clock in the town just at the start of the High Street and this is where people gather to hear the bells chime at 12 and at times it gets a bit rowdy. There are workers out clearing up rubbish to keep our street clean. This has happened every year since I remember. This is geared for the younger generation really as no adults attend. How does this information help to answer the question? It is an example of a difference in the way the street is used at a particular time of the year and also shows a difference in the age group of those who use the street at this time. Can you relate this to something about City Road?
The High Street in Arbroath is quite similar to City Road in Cardiff   in the way that the...