Tma1 K221 Perspectives on Cam

Part 1: In recent years there has been a marked increase in the use of CAM in the UK population.   Examine why CAM therapies have become so popular.

Part 2: Write a short reflective account on how far your discussion in part 1 relates to your own experience as a user of health care services.

This essay will examine how the popularity of CAM therapies has been influenced by radical changes in society and how people live their lives in the UK.   The way people see the world around them and the increase in lay knowledge has given people the tools needed to take control of their own lives, question what they are told and make informed decisions about their health care options.   The relationship that develops between a practitioner and the user of a therapy can have a profound effect on the likelihood of someone returning for more treatment or trying different therapies.

The industrial revolution brought about radical changes and opened up new possibilities for society.   The period after this, often referred to as modernity can be seen as the time when knowledge and understanding in fields such as science, medicine and technology became the way society could understand the world around them.   Following the modernity stage, western societies are seen as having gone through another stage of development which is generally termed ‘post modernity’.   Whereas modernity is seen as the stage in which understanding and knowledge of the world was seen as certain, post modernity is viewed as a stage in which doubts were formed and questions began to be asked about the knowledge sets of modernity.   A number of other key features are also seen as part of the post modernity stage including growth in a ‘consumer culture’ in which people have more choice and control over the goods and services they use and receive.   People began to choose to engage in a wide range of social, leisure and work pursuits taking a ‘pick and mix’ approach to life.   Information technology became a...