Tma06 States Being Evil

Option A

Critically assess the claim that states are necessary evils

What is the state? How does the state play a part in the ordered lives of society? The idea of permanence and stability and their set of institutions (Blakeley, 2009, p.355) for some of society, these ideas are necessary evils as they have impact on society as it is made and remade.

Other members of society and social groups see these ideas as important to how their lives are influence as they live their lives daily. The states are not necessary evils and are valued.

There has been over time must debate about relationship between individuals and the state, but as the state emerged into its current form in this last century. Its reponsonsibilities effects the of all parts of society including education, social sciences, health, taxation and regulatory bodies to name but a few. The claim is that the state has control on the legitimate of force. It is argued those there hostile views on the role of the state in society and how this is affects the day to day running of an individual or group. One key element is the control over a geographical area, where the state rules are poles apart from other states rulings. As Bromley and Clarke explain (Bromley, 2009, p.331) the definition of inequality. “There may be others: for example, power can be viewed as a social resource and may be unequally distributed”.


      Clarke, J. (2009) ‘Making national identities: Britishness in question’ in Bromley, S., Clarke, J. Hinchliffe, S. and Taylor, S. (eds) Exploring Social Lives, Milton Keynes, The Open University.   accessed 7/8/11


I have loved doing this essay. It has been the most enjoyable so far. ‘Britishness’ is a very interesting word to work with. I really wanted to say so much but sadly, the word count was not enough as I could have written a book!

I hope I have improved.

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