2Consumption is just one way we can look at how society is created, moulded and divided. I am going to explore how consumption creates new social division. I will begin by looking at the divisions readily available in the present time. Consumption is a social activity as much as a personal one.   Shopping is seen as a leisurely activity now more so than a necessary activity. Whereas in the past items were consumed as and when they were required for day to day living, now it seems   items are purchased when we want and desire, they are not necessarily essential items for our lives.
  Many years ago income played a huge role in consumption. Only the aristocrats and well paid professionals defined themselves with a luxury lifestyle. the remainder of the population consumed based on a need, a need to feed and clothe themselves and their families in order to survive. There were restrictions and restraints placed upon them due to their low income. Nowadays people have access to credit which allows them to buy things in addition to the necessities. It allows people with an average yet steady income to buy items that are usually out of their reach. People consume more based on what they want now compared to the past when it was based on need.   Different things have become important , things that were once seen as novelty for the wealthy are almost seen as essential for the majortiy now. the mobile phonr is a perfect example f this, in the past very few would have owned an item so new and expensive, wehreas now it is an integrl part of daily life that many feel they wouldnt be able to do without. an adolescent in fact may find them,selved solcially excuded if they are unable to have a mobile as most contact these days is via txt or phone calls.

the sense of self worth that people would have had in the past because of secure employment or skilled and satisfying work has now been replaced with the

Retailers would like us to believe that through consumer activity people...