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Assignment 02

Alternative Question

Write an answer to either Part 1 OR Part 2 of Assignment 01, using the essay question and assignment notes in the Assignment Booklet.   Submit this together with a 200-word reflective commentary.   Your reflective commentary should address how you went about the task of writing the essay, what you found challenging, and what you would do differently next time.

Part 1 Cleopatra
Read the following passage carefully at least twice. What does it tell us about Plutarch’s view of the relationship between Anthony and Cleopatra?

The whole tone of this passage gives the impression of Cleopatra being in charge of Antony and almost treating him like a pet giving him alternately praise and humiliating him and being with him for every pursuit, even those which would have been seen as predominantly male pastimes. Cleopatra is shown to be a very dominant figure, being in control of his movements and knowing when Antony is trying to fool her.
Right at the start of the passage we see Cleopatra being shown as Anthony's captor, in charge of Antony. Cleopatra "kept him in constant tutelage, and released him neither night nor day." (Plutarch AA100 Assignment booklet, 2008, P. 18). The use of the word tutelage almost suggests that Anthony is being cared for by and learning from Cleopatra and the word release suggests that she is holding him captive.

This passage also shows us that according to Plutarch Cleopatra was a very capable woman and is shown as being Antony’s equal rather than a normal subservient woman.
Cleopatra "played dice with him, drank with him, hunted with him" (Plutarch AA 100 Assignment booklet, 2008, P. 18); these would not normally be past times for women in this time and also strengthened to me the idea that Cleopatra was with him all of the time.(

It appears as though Cleopatra would not even let Anthony go out for a drink on his own as she “would go with him on his round of mad...