Lorna Green E3189985
Examples of inequality on City Road
Inequality is the unequal distribution of valued social and economic resources available within society. (Allen and Staples, 2016, p. 13)This essay will highlight some of the inequalities that have been identified on City Road, Cardiff. It will show that inequalities can be created through both circumstance and the implications of society on the individual or group.
Stephen Sweatman is a wheelchair user on City Road. Stevens story shows how quickly personal circumstances can change. After a freak accident Steven lost the use of his legs and now relies on his wheelchair for mobility. Steven explains the difficulties he faces when trying to gain access to pavements, shops, roads and buildings. The street is built on the bases that everyone has the same ability to access it. However, pavements are uneven and some kerbs too high. After parking his car Steven can be seen having to wheel down the busy road in his chair in search of a lower kerb so that he can mount the pavement. (The Open University, 2016a). Some shops are only accessible via steps or stairs and this prevents him participating in everyday life in the same way that an able bodied individual would. He comments on the fact that when going to the local theatre he was unable to sit with his family due to the only provision for wheelchairs being two rows in front of the family, this makes him feel disconnected. (The Open University, 2016b).
Inequalities are prominent with regards to access to the internet and technology. Sheri Hall is a local resident who has created a blog to promote businesses on City Road. (Allen, J. and Blakeley, G, 2016, p.64) Anyone with access to the internet can view the blog and by doing so can connect with other businesses in the community and across the world. However, not everyone has access to the internet and some do not have the skills, knowledge or equipment to access so this limits their opportunity to attract...