Tma02 Task 1

Even young children can be involved in decision making in the family and in schools.
How can adults involve children and how can involvement be difficult? Children are like adults as they require independence to some degree. Children want to feel valued and respected. They want to feel that they can express their opinions and or suggestions without the risk of being mocked and belittled, they also need to know that their opinions are valued and do matter to the adults involved.
Group discussions at school and in the home is most likely one of the best ways for children to get involved in the decision making process. School group discussions sometimes referred to as ‘carpet time’ or ‘circle time’ is one of the best ways to deal with problems such as bullying. There are many positive reasons as to why circle time is a good method of involving children in decision making. It can help to improve communication, respect, confidence and self-esteem to name but a few. Rai and Flynn (2004, Pg.106) states “Circle time can be used to counter a bullying subculture in a school. It might also be used to: help children gain insight into communicating with other people; help children gain and maintain mutual respect among peers; raise self-esteem through affirmation, understanding and support; develop positive discipline; give training in social skills, problem solving and conflict resolution.” At home group discussions can be used to try to combat unwanted behavior by involving the child in the decision making of the type of reprimand to be given out, from removal of television rights to being grounded or going to bed at an earlier time than normal. It could also help to resolve the conundrum behind the unwanted behavior and investigate ways to prevent it occurring again in the future.
Encouraging a child to make decisions can be very important for the child. Being able to make his or her own decisions with regards to whom is their friend teaches them independence and...