Tma02 Social Science

Essay Plan
Through my essay I want to touch on each aspect of the Supermarket power on the high street, but I will focus in more detail on the Zero Sum game as I think this forms a very integral part of the topic and can show both sides of the argument for the Supermarket power to which I feel that not many people are aware of, which is why I would like to highlight this as my main focus in my essay.

I am going to read through the chapter in depth to refresh myself on the material.
Once this is done I will read through again with the essay question in mind and highlight parts of the chapters that I would like to include in my essay.
I need to then draft my essay with all the information that I feel is relevant to the question including things that I may not wish to talk about in my final essay as I zero sum game.
The essay will start with an introduction/history of how we got to have so many big supermarkets and why we as society are a big part of that.
The main body of my essay will focus on how the supermarket gained the power it has today with society and with their suppliers etc. known as Buying power.
I will follow with the argument of the Zero Sum game and the Positive Sum game, and outline the argument for each.
Once I have my essay together I will also try to add in referencing where I think it is applicable. Although this is something still need to get to grips with.
Upon my final draft I will read through and ensure that the main focus points are there whilst ensuring that I am answering the essay question. I will ensure that there is a logical format to the essay by working in an order that starts with the beginnings of the supermarket through to how we are today.

Whilst my plan may seem basic I feel I have put a plan together that I can follow and make sense of the essay question and the detail that is required within. It gives me specific topics to follow and work with.

Outline the nature...