Tma02 - Difference

TMA 02

Part 1

In the first part of this assignment, I aim to display a deeper understanding of the word ‘difference’ in regards to City Road. To show the depth of my understanding, I will examine the factors of age and ethnicity and explain how they represent difference on City Road.

The first example of difference on City Road that I have chosen to explore is age. The older generation living on the street explain in the video how they tend to feel nostalgic about the street due to spending the majority of their lives there and witnessing the drastic change over the years. Due to this the men are more inclined to visit the Municipal Club which has been present since their youth and caters to their needs as an older person. The older women often visit the Taste Buds Cafe as they feel they can safely socialise there within its familiar surrounding (The Open University, 2015).   However, the younger generation look to gain more out of the street and have access to a wider range of facilities. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of takeaways, restaurants and pubs on offer. Due to the high volume of students in the area, they are interested in a more cost efficient way of life and the street provides that for them. The young men and women tend to visit the takeaways in the evening rather spending their money within the supermarkets as others would during the day. (Blakeley and Staples, 2014, p.21). The bus shelters that are accessible for both generations during the day then becomes a ‘hangout’ for youngsters at night which may come across unappealing and frightening for those that are older. This statement shows that difference in age can also determine how safe you feel in your surroundings during different times in the day. The street and the facilities offered are also influenced by the age of those living in the vicinity of City Road. Older people will be welcomed at the Taste Buds Cafe as previously mentioned, however they will feel...