Outline how some benefit and others lose on your street

The street I will be describing is High Street in Brentwood. Lined with shops, cafes and pubs this street is the main focus point of Brentwood. In this essay I will be looking at how some benefit while others lose due to inequalities on the street and how these are similar or different to those of City Road.
High Street is the main street in Brentwood that people come to. Usually it is equally as busy during the day and night what with everything it has to offer. This includes shops, cafes, fast food outlets, pubs and clubs. However it attracts very different people in the day to the night. During the day High Street is full of people shopping and people out for lunch in the cafes and fast food outlets. With a variety of different shops and food outlets there is something for everyone. However there are certain aspects which appeal more to different groups of people. If we look for example at Saturdays during the day there is a market selling primarily clothing and food and within that there is a farmers market, all of which appear to appeal more to older people and families. At night High Street is a very different place to be. Streets lined with people out for the pubs and clubs, mainly appealing to younger people, there is a very different atmosphere. With most of the pubs and clubs being focused on their younger audience it is not somewhere that is made very comfortable for older people to be. This can sometimes be perceived by older people as a ‘dangerous’ place to be at night, especially with all the drunk people spilling out of the pubs and clubs. This is a similarity to the perceived image of City Road where the young woman playing pool and the men in the Municipal Club describe the area as ‘dangerous’ or ‘rough’ (‘Making social lives on City Road, 2009, scene 5). Another inequality of High Street at night is that a number of the pubs and clubs have become hot spots for people from all over the...